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LFPI Hospitality Group GmbH

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The LFPI Hotel Group has been operating in the hotel sector in France since 2003 and extended its operations to the German hotel market in 2010. Through its French subsidiaries Timhotels and LFPI Hotels Gestion France, the French company manages a portfolio of more than 60 hotels.

The success of Timhotels led the LFPI Group to set up the new fund "LFPI Hotels" to support the growth of the French portfolio and the development of German operations.

The LFPI Hotel Group manages assets of over 28 billion euros in private equity, mezzanine funds, funds of funds and property through its management company LFPI Gestion. The global investment bank Lazard is a key partner and sponsor of the LFPI Group.

Transparency, financial stability and absolute professionalism are at the heart of our business.

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Our objectives

LFPI Hotels Deutschland is aiming to increase the portfolio of 20 to 30 hotels. Selectiveness and long-term viability are key to our investment strategy. 

We are particularly interested in city hotels with a good local infrastructure and strong brand ties to the place or region. We are focusing on hotels with between around 60 and 200 rooms.


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LFPI Hotels: what we offer

The major benefit for our clients dealing with just one party that is both owner and operator.

Brokers, banks and businesses that offer us properties often need to decide between concluding or extending a lease or management agreement. We buy hotels with and without leasing agreements – the hotel and its potential are what are important to us.