Sustainability and environmental awareness

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LFPI Hotels is committed to corporate responsibility and the three key elements of sustainability: economic, ecological and social sustainability.

We think long-term, and that is the principle on which we operate our hotels. We conclude management agreements in line with market conditions and employ modern financial management instruments and risk analyses to put our Group on a firm footing for the future. We assess business processes on an ongoing basis to ensure efficiency and save resources. This approach includes the appropriate, customer-centred digitisation of processes; harnessing synergies – for example through centralised purchasing – and quality management that is monitored both internally and externally, for example as part of our franchise partnerships. We see each of our hotels as an integral part of their local community and local economy. That is why we work with local partners such as bakeries, beekeepers and farms.

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As part of our commitment to sustainability, we keep all processes and procedures in our hotels as green as possible. Key measures include the avoidance of microplastics and unnecessary waste (for example in the way we provide complimentary soap and shower gel). The eggs served at breakfast are at least free range, we use fairly traded coffee, and coordinate purchasing to reduce carbon emissions. We ask our guests not have their towels and bedlinen changed daily if possible, and are of course happy to accommodate anyone not wishing a daily room clean. To avoid wasting valuable food, a number of our hotels take part in projects such as "too good to go" (2017 winner of the German Ecodesign Award). Our hotels predominantly use efficient lighting and tap flow limiters and aerators to save energy and water.

We are also involved in a number of programmes through our franchise partnerships focused on protecting resources and the environment. Action in this area and stepping up that action will continue to be a benchmark for us in the future.

We want to be a great host, and service is at the heart of this. It is the 400 and more employees in our hotels who truly shape the guests' experience. Our responsibility for our hotel teams is therefore central. We value and support our employees, ensuring a workplace in which they feel comfortable and are able to develop and realise their potential.

We are committed to being an attractive employer so that employees stay with us for the long term and we attract potential new team members. Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs shows us the route to motivate and inspire commitment to our Group. Social and individual needs must be met to give employees the scope for self-actualisation. That is why we work to ensure fair treatment and help our staff find a good work-life balance. We are committed to open, clear and comprehensible communication so that everyone stays on board. We work largely in small and medium-sized teams. Each and every individual can contribute to the long-term success of our hotels.